Why I Love Worm Composting

Why I love my worm box!

I love my worms.

I keep a worm box.  I realize that this is not something that everyone does.  There are three reasons why I love my worms, and worm composting.

1) Less Garbage. Using my worms for composting means that I get to use a lot of what would normally go in the trash.  Potato peels, apple cores, banana peels, egg shells, used tea bags, carrot tops and many other things go right into my worm box.

2) Less Money: Using what I would normally throw away also means that my gardening endeavors cost me less money.  It seems like there is always some gardening doo dad I “need”.  If I’m not producing what I need to  put on my garden, it means I have to buy it.  I use my worms to use my garbage to make what my garden needs.

3) Worm Tea.  I love the organic liquid fertilizer I brew from the worm castings produced by my worms.  Worm tea will not burn your plants.  It is a natural fungicide. Worm tea repels aphids, spider mites, scale and white flies.

Worm tea is really a miracle product for your garden.  It is a living thing.  If you don’t believe me, make some up and try it on  your plants.  It’s simply unbelievable.  Don’t believe me? Get ahold of me and try it yourself.

4) Shock Factor.  I must admit that I love the shock factor of having worms.  The little girl who lives across the street witnessed me messing with my worms and said, “My mom would NEVER have worms in the house”.  Even my kids don’t like to look at my worms and refuse to handle them.  Of course, I’m an odd sort of mom anyway.  My birthday list this year included a wheelbarrow.


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