Label Your Garden

Label your garden!

What's sprouting? Who knows!

This is an area in which I am sadly lacking.  Please please, PLEASE! label your garden when you plant stuff.  Especially seeds.

I always think I’m going to remember what I planted where.  But do I?  No.

Recently I started some seeds in some cow pots.  I started summer squash, cucumbers, malabar spinach and green peppers.  When I was doing it I thought to myself, “I’ll remember what is in each pot.”

Famous last words.

As the seeds started to sprout it occurred to me that I would have no idea which plant was which.  Since I had specific places I wanted each thing to be planted, this was going to be a problem.

For instance, summer squash and cucumbers can become the plants that took over the world so it’s very important to put them where they won’t encroach other plants.

I think I have my cowpots figured out now, but I wish I would have labeled them.

Don’t do what I did.

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