Del City Church of Christ Community Garden

img_2402 My nephew, Joshua, recently earned the designation of Eagle Scout.  I went up to Oklahoma City for the Court of Honor.  It was held at Josh’s dad’s church.  While I was there, I learned that there was an amazing Community Garden hiding around back.  Of course, I couldn’t resist going back and snapping a few shots.

The church uses what comes out of the garden for two primary purposes.  The first is Meals on Wheels.  They feed many elderly and shut ins every week, and many of the meals have amazing homegrown produce.  Second, they use it as an outreach effort.  They grow all of this amazing food, then they tell the surrounding neighborhood “come and get it”.

A few notes about the operation of the garden that I noticed:

1) It was set up well.  The surface between beds was scraped down and filled with gravel.  This keeps the weeds down and makes gardening easier and more of a pleasure.  It’s also attractive.

2) The garden had great leadership.  A recently retired gentleman spends much of his time overseeing the garden and making sure it stays looking great and producing.  The more community gardens I see, the more I am convinced that leadership is vital for a well functioning operation.

Here are the photos:

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