Rain vs Watering

Rain is great for your garden.

Rain, rain..come on!

Have you ever noticed how green everything looks after it rains?  Well, it wasn’t your imagination.

Rain that falls from the sky and waters your garden provides more than just moisture. Turns out that rain allows plants to take in the Oxygen and Nitrogen that naturally occurs in the air.  When lightning strikes, it gives the Oxygen and Nitrogen molecules enough energy to form nitrates which the plants can take up.  The atmosphere is about 21% Oxygen and 78% Nitrogen.  That’s a lot of Nitrogen waiting to green up your plants.

Another thing I didn’t realize until I started researching this post is that dust is another thing in rain that helps plants.  Have you ever noticed how rain settles the dust?  The dust in the air is filled with all kinds of organic goodness that goes straight to your plants when the dust filled rain falls in your garden.

There are also things added to city water that are great for you, but not so much for your plants.  Additionally, rain water has a neutral pH, which helps.

So, rain dance anyone?