Here is an actual picture of the worms I smash.

The worms eating my plants.

The worms eating my plants.

Last night on my worm inspection they were bigger and fatter than usual.  I actually had to take a deep breath before I grabbed this guy and smashed him with my bare hands.


What’s Eating My Garden?

What is eating my garden?

What is eating this plant?

Now is the time of year when seeds are sprouting.  Eager looking plants are lined up at the garden center, ready for a long and fruitful life in my garden.  In my gardening dreams I plant a seed or transplant a plant, lovingly water it while relaxing nearby afterwards with a glass of iced tea.

In my fantasy, the plants grow visibly every single day.  They create flawless fruit quickly

The reality is quite different.  The fact is there is an army of various creatures who would love nothing more than to feast on my garden before I ever have a chance.

Everything I have planted in one of my beds in my yard is getting munched by something.  This is a picture of a bell pepper plant after I covered it in Diatomaceous Earth.

You might also notice the crushed egg shells around the base of the plant.  I read that slugs can’t get over egg shells because they’re too sharp. This was when I was going under the assumption that it was slugs.  I eliminated that theory when I actually spotted one of the culprits.  They look like this picture below.

These are the culprits.

These are the culprits.

Turns out the abundance of moths I have witnessed over the last month were busy making babies all over my plants.

Well, it’s time for those moth babies to die.

If I don’t stop them, they will completely kill my plants.  They are currently attempting to consume my basil, a kale plant, some baby broccoli plants and two green to red pepper plants.

My current plan is to spray with BT (often).  Also, I go out at least twice a day (morning and night) and kill those green slimy things with my bare hands.

I will win.

They will stop eating my plants.