Gardening in the Summer Heat


Here in Texas we have two main growing seasons.  Spring and Fall.  We plant things as soon as the fear of frost is past (and sometimes before, if we’re feeling lucky).  Then we hit a dry spell during the dog days of summer when it is too hot for many plants to produce.  Take tomatoes, [...]

Overwaterers Anonymous

Be careful of overwatering.

My name is Cathi, and I’m an overwaterer. I’m in recovery though. Yes, it’s true.  Last year, in my first summer of gardening (which was, in my defense, was also the hottest summer on record) I was so eager to love on my garden each and every day that I never missed a day of [...]

School Community Garden Bed Update

School Community Garden Bed

You might remember a few weeks ago when I was battling the relentless bermuda grass that continually encroached on this bed.   The school paid to have a raised bed built around it.  Immediately after the construction was complete I filled a third of the bed with compost / soil and planted bush beans.  The remaining [...]

Free Organic Fertilizer

Free Organic Fertilizer

Free organic fertilizer? Does it seem too good to be true? Especially when you first start gardening, it’s easy to start questioning yourself as to the wisdom of this endeavor.  There are so many things to buy, so many expenses.  It seems ridiculous to spend so much money on growing food when it’s so much [...]

What I’ve Done in the Garden This Weekend

There are always garden chores to do.

This is the time of year when things really start hopping in the garden.  Much to do!  Here is what has happened around here today garden wise. Picked up coffee grounds from Starbucks two different times. Added coffee grounds to the compost at the school garden. Fed coffee grounds to the worms at the school [...]

Weeding a Garden

Pulling Weeds in Your Garden

I’ve mentioned before that “in my gardening dreams I plant a seed or transplant a plant, lovingly water it while relaxing nearby afterwards with a glass of iced tea. The plants grow visibly every single day.  They create flawless fruit quickly“. Another way reality doesn’t match with my fantasy is the existence of weeds.  Unfortunately [...]

Thinning Your Plants

Thinning plants in the garden

I just got back from the school garden.  My primary reason for walking over was to spend 20 minutes pulling weeds from between my onion plants. As I was finishing up it occurred to me that those onions were never going to grow to full size planted like they are.  It’s a long story, but [...]

Label Your Garden

Label your garden!

This is an area in which I am sadly lacking.  Please please, PLEASE! label your garden when you plant stuff.  Especially seeds. I always think I’m going to remember what I planted where.  But do I?  No. Recently I started some seeds in some cow pots.  I started summer squash, cucumbers, malabar spinach and green [...]