Garden Gadgets I’d Get if I Won the Lottery Today



Oh man is it possible to spend money on your garden.  There are so many cool doodads and gadgets with which to drain your bank account.  If I came into a windfall, I would hit the gardening catalogs and here is what I’d get.

Nitrile Gardening Gloves:

The catalog says that these gloves feel like a second skin, and wear like leather.  The pair of garden gloves I’m using right now have a hole in one of the fingers.  These aren’t very expensive.  I may go ahead and order them.



Tomato Halo:

I think there are more gadgets that have to do with growing tomatoes than any other single crop.  This thing holds deeper soil around the base of the tomato plant.  It also holds water so that the roots can be watered while not getting the foliage wet.  The outer wall repels cutworms and suppresses weeds.  I wonder if it works?




Cucumber Trellis:

When I grew cucumbers for the first time last summer I used one of my big tomato cages to keep the vines headed upward rather than taking over the world.  I think it’s better for the cucumbers rather than them laying on the ground.  Also, cucumber plants take up so much space, it’s helpful to give them something on which to grow.

This particular one grows the cucumbers at such an angle that allows a shaded area underneath where you can grow lettuce.  Brilliant!



Rain Barrel:

So many cities have watering restrictions now.  Besides that, rain water is so much healthier for your plants than tap water. I would love to have a rain barrel or two.  (I would also love to have someone else come install them.)



Potato Grow Bag (or actually any of the grow bags):

It seems like I’m always wanting to fit more crops into my gardens.  I planted potatoes for the first time this year and they seem to be taking forever to give up the space they’re taking up in the garden.  Next year I’ll be planting in these grow bags.




So there you go!  If I won the lottery (of course, I guess I’d have to buy a ticket for that to happen) I would put an order in for these items immediately.  Of course I may order a few of these items before then…