How do I speed up the composting process?

How do I speed up my compost?

I mentioned in an earlier blog post about composting that, at my house, a compost pile hangs around for six to nine months before it has broken down enough to use it in a garden bed. What can you do to speed up the composting process?  How can you get access to that fabulous compost [...]

Starting a Compost Pile

Setting Up Your Compost Pile

After you have the three composting basics in mind, now you just need to put it together. Decide where you’ll put it.  It’s likely that your compost pile will be a part of your life for a while.  At my house it takes six to nine months for compost to happen.  Maybe there are some [...]

The Three Things You Need to Know to Compost

Three Steps to Compost

Thinking of beginning composting? It’s pretty simple. You really only need to know three things. 1) Your greens and browns. To have compost, you must start with the greens and browns. Greens are materials that are high in nitrogen, like grass clippings. Browns are things that are high in carbon, like dead leaves. You’ll need [...]

My Composting Video


I made this composting video  last year while I was working with my very first compost pile.  I’ve improved my technique.  I’ll write more tomorrow about composting.