Battling Bermuda Grass

This is my plot at the school community garden.

This is my plot at the school community garden.

This is a picture of my plot at the community garden at my kid’s school.  As you can see, it goes along the fence that separates the garden from the soccer fields.

Our school does a great job at keeping those soccer fields looking just beautiful. The grass stays very healthy and tends to send shoots right through that chain link fence in an attempt to take over not only my plot but, I’m sure, the entire garden.

Even though I am a vigilant and dedicated gardener, I just can’t keep the grass out of this bed.  In the foreground of the picture you see onions.  Further back you see just grass that has grown into the bed.

I just arranged for this plot to have a raised bed built around it in order to raise it twelve inches.  I’m hoping that this will make it harder on the grass, and easier on me.  All of my other garden plots are raised beds and I don’t have nearly so many weeding issues as I do with this bed.

I’ll keep you updated with progress.

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