Free Organic Fertilizer

Free Organic Fertilizer

Free organic fertilizer? Does it seem too good to be true? Especially when you first start gardening, it’s easy to start questioning yourself as to the wisdom of this endeavor.  There are so many things to buy, so many expenses.  It seems ridiculous to spend so much money on growing food when it’s so much [...]

What I’ve Done in the Garden This Weekend

There are always garden chores to do.

This is the time of year when things really start hopping in the garden.  Much to do!  Here is what has happened around here today garden wise. Picked up coffee grounds from Starbucks two different times. Added coffee grounds to the compost at the school garden. Fed coffee grounds to the worms at the school [...]

Rain vs Watering

Rain is great for your garden.

Have you ever noticed how green everything looks after it rains?  Well, it wasn’t your imagination. Rain that falls from the sky and waters your garden provides more than just moisture. Turns out that rain allows plants to take in the Oxygen and Nitrogen that naturally occurs in the air.  When lightning strikes, it gives [...]

Weeding a Garden

Pulling Weeds in Your Garden

I’ve mentioned before that “in my gardening dreams I plant a seed or transplant a plant, lovingly water it while relaxing nearby afterwards with a glass of iced tea. The plants grow visibly every single day.  They create flawless fruit quickly“. Another way reality doesn’t match with my fantasy is the existence of weeds.  Unfortunately [...]

Thinning Your Plants

Thinning plants in the garden

I just got back from the school garden.  My primary reason for walking over was to spend 20 minutes pulling weeds from between my onion plants. As I was finishing up it occurred to me that those onions were never going to grow to full size planted like they are.  It’s a long story, but [...]

Here is an actual picture of the worms I smash.

The worms eating my plants.

Last night on my worm inspection they were bigger and fatter than usual.  I actually had to take a deep breath before I grabbed this guy and smashed him with my bare hands.  

What’s Eating My Garden?

What is eating my garden?

Now is the time of year when seeds are sprouting.  Eager looking plants are lined up at the garden center, ready for a long and fruitful life in my garden.  In my gardening dreams I plant a seed or transplant a plant, lovingly water it while relaxing nearby afterwards with a glass of iced tea. [...]

Battling Bermuda Grass

This is my plot at the school community garden.

This is a picture of my plot at the community garden at my kid’s school.  As you can see, it goes along the fence that separates the garden from the soccer fields. Our school does a great job at keeping those soccer fields looking just beautiful. The grass stays very healthy and tends to send [...]

Using Coffee Grounds in Compost

Used Coffee Grounds are Magic in Compost

The key to your success with compost might be at your local coffee shop. Oddly enough, used coffee grounds are a green in the composting world (meaning it’s high in nitrogen).  In fact, its a fabulous green in many ways.  Coffee grounds are readily available year round in sufficient quantities for whatever compost you want [...]

Why I Love Worm Composting

How will I keep my worms cool this summer?

I keep a worm box.  I realize that this is not something that everyone does.  There are three reasons why I love my worms, and worm composting. 1) Less Garbage. Using my worms for composting means that I get to use a lot of what would normally go in the trash.  Potato peels, apple cores, [...]