Gardening in the Summer Heat


Here in Texas we have two main growing seasons.  Spring and Fall.  We plant things as soon as the fear of frost is past (and sometimes before, if we’re feeling lucky).  Then we hit a dry spell during the dog days of summer when it is too hot for many plants to produce.  Take tomatoes, [...]

Keeping Your Worm Bin Cool

How will I keep my worms cool this summer?

It’s about to get really hot here in Texas for a few months.  This means it’s time for me to consider how I’ll keep my worms happy and eating and pooping.  Worms like temps between 40 and 90 degrees.  My worm bin in the garage is already right at 80 and we’re not even in [...]

Overwaterers Anonymous

Be careful of overwatering.

My name is Cathi, and I’m an overwaterer. I’m in recovery though. Yes, it’s true.  Last year, in my first summer of gardening (which was, in my defense, was also the hottest summer on record) I was so eager to love on my garden each and every day that I never missed a day of [...]

Worms on the Plane

Transporting Composting Worms on a Plane

This weekend I flew to Oregon to see my niece and her family, including her new one month old son.  Trying to be a good great-aunt, I knew I needed to bring older sister a gift. What better gift than composting worms?  Isn’t that what every little girl wants? So, I went to home depot [...]

Del City Church of Christ Community Garden


My nephew, Joshua, recently earned the designation of Eagle Scout.  I went up to Oklahoma City for the Court of Honor.  It was held at Josh’s dad’s church.  While I was there, I learned that there was an amazing Community Garden hiding around back.  Of course, I couldn’t resist going back and snapping a few [...]

Farmers Branch Community Garden


Today I had an opportunity to visit the Farmers Branch (Texas) Community Garden. I’m always eager to see other community gardens, how they work and how they’re set up.  Today when I visited the Farmers Branch garden they were having a work day.  People were working on their plots and there was a crew of [...]

School Community Garden Bed Update

School Community Garden Bed

You might remember a few weeks ago when I was battling the relentless bermuda grass that continually encroached on this bed.   The school paid to have a raised bed built around it.  Immediately after the construction was complete I filled a third of the bed with compost / soil and planted bush beans.  The remaining [...]

My New Herb Garden

My Herb Garden

I was recently inspired by a post on a blog near and dear to my heart, “Addicted 2 Decorating”.  In the post, Kristi gathered some really good looking ideas for herb gardens.  Also, I was prompted by the changing of the seasons and the need for me to refresh the flowers in the clay pots [...]

Garden Gadgets I’d Get if I Won the Lottery Today


    Oh man is it possible to spend money on your garden.  There are so many cool doodads and gadgets with which to drain your bank account.  If I came into a windfall, I would hit the gardening catalogs and here is what I’d get.   Nitrile Gardening Gloves: The catalog says that these [...]

It’s a Wormtastrophe! How I overheated my worm bin and killed my worms

How I cut my worm population in half in just two days.

I have a fungus problem.  My town community garden plot apparently has fungus.  Sadly, that is exactly where I planted all of the tomato plants this spring.  (I didn’t realize the fungus issue before I planted, now it’s too late.)  I was researching how to try to eliminate the fungus and I came across the [...]